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Pivot is a platform that helps professionals who want to change their career overcome isolation and effectively identify compatible career options by providing them with pertinent information, resources and communities based on the user's individual value, interest and skill sets. 


Self-Led Project




Why Pivot?

Despite a proliferation of existing profession/employment online platforms, there is a lack of recognition of the challenges faced by professionals who are trying to change careers. The absence of a service that addresses this user need suggests an obvious market gap.

Existing competitor inefficiencies:

  • Profession-focused social media platforms provide a personalized(based on search input or exisiting community and network) yet narrow and set of information and contacts

  • Career testing and job searching websites offer a wide range of alternative career options but they are unorganized and often irrelevant to the users' personal preferences

competition matrix.png

Competitive Matrix

Design Objectives

The design aims to address user pain points missed by the exisiting products.


Recognize user's motivation to pivot and provide them with hollistic resources needed to effectively make the career transition

Reduce feeling of isolation and uncertainty from professionals who want to change career through connecting them

Providing users with personalized and informative content that would help them make a pivot decision


How do we efficiently connect users to potential professions that match them personally?

Journey Map

To understand a potential user's journey, I generated three featured categories based on my research and interviews.


Insights, stories from the interviewed 

Pivot (4).jpg

Three personas are created based on the 14 samples interviewed to help identify pain points and define user needs.

Key Finding 1

Users don't always know what is the best fitting position.

Key Finding 2

Users' understanding of alternative career opportunities are limited by their personal and professional experience/connection, which could result in them missing out on a position that fits.

Key Finding 3

Lack of connection and shared value with the potential mentor. Communication difficulty.

Solution 1

Designed match-making algorithm based on personal value, skills and interests

Solution 2

Expose the users to a wide range of career options that best fit their personal interest, goal and value.

Solution 3

Community building based on a shared experience/background.

Design Implementation

Solution 1_User Setup + Career Matching

PIVOT utilizes matching algorithm to show users a curated selection of alternative career options. The algorithm relies on an extensive career database and user input of three main components: professional background, skill sets and personal values.

Solution 2_Career Discovery through Community

Aside from home page career matches, users are able to discover more alternative career options through community posts thereby expanding pivot possibilities.

Frame 60.png

Solution 3_Relevant


To efficiently connect users who share similar pivot interests, PIVOT links career discovery with contextual community pages, where the users can identify with others user journey.

Frame 59.png
Information Architecture


User Setup

information architecture1.png

Personal profile setup allows the system algorithm to efficiently and accurately match users with compatible career options based on selected preferences.

information architecture_edited.jpg

Embbed Sponsor

Higher education institutions, bootcampt agencies and recruiters are presented as interactive resources from the career discovery page.

information architecture_Sponsor.png


By implementing community forums into the career discovery page, users are able to find discussions specifically relevant to what they are searching for.

Career discovery 

information architecture_community2.png

Career discovery 

Community Forum

Community Chat(Sponsor)

Mid-fidelity Prototype

Community Focused


Learning from authentic, individual users who were/are in your shoes


Community Home

Post List

Post Body

User Profile

Chat Box

Starting from community home, users interact with a content aggregation and form their own community based on their shared exisiting professional background. Users are able to navigate pivot posts through the designed tags. The community home page also includes posts from users who are trying to pivot into the exisiting professional background, thereby making the communication bilateral and the research process holistic. 

Key Tags

Finance to Law



Career Discovery

Career Info

Radar Search

Community Home

User Testing


"This could be a really useful, utilitarian tool, but if I were doing research on changing career it is more conventient on a computer."

"I like playing around with the radar chart feature but it is kind of distracting me from actually looking into the career options and forums."

Screenshot 2022-09-30 173317.jpg

"I'm confused by the polygon chart tool at the center, it feels more like a search filter."

"Seeing what people with my background are pivoting into is actually pretty helpful."

"It is nice to see a lot of relevant information but too much text is visually tiring."

"I could use something like this when I was looking for grad school studies, but does it have to be mobile?"

Visual Language

Digital assets are created to accomodate to Pivot's interface as the career graphics need to be visually legibile at the mobile size.