Haoding Zhao


Mies says "less is more", me and Venturi say "less is a bore". 

Bob is an architectural designer and painter based in east coast USA. 

Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BArch and a BFA, Bobby has worked for Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects in NYC and from [in] form, LLC in Rhode Island. He is currently working for Context, LLC.

As an architecture designer, he is inherently passionate about creating monumental moments and space of abundance that empower the users and the context. 

Bobby is also an avid Canadian landscape painter.


If you are interested in making a purchase of an existing painting please don't hesitate to shoot an email. Your support is immensely appreciated!



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Email: bobbyzhao1996@gmail.com

Cell: 6174016984

Inquiries for  personalized commission are welcome depending on Bobby's availability and the subject.