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Bobby Haoding Zhao
User Experience Designer | Architecture Designer | Visual Artist

As a Designer

I am a multidisciplinary designer who is interested in creating tools and mediums to promote and implement public engagement and accessibility in art and the built environment, with the careful support of technological innovation and contextualized traditional methods. 

Currently I'm working as an UX & Service Designer on the human-centered design team at CVS Health.

As an Artist

Originally trained as an architect and visual artist at Rhode Island School of Design, I also love designing sculptural spatial experiences as well as painting. Oil painting and sketching have become my second nature, but as I recognized the inevitability of AI art transforming the commercial landscape of digital illustration and traditional art, I am concerned about the ethics of Stable Difussion model and the overall development direction of AI art. I believe that AI could be an useful tool for artists, but it needs proper refinement and integartion into an existing medium. 

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